Fred's Microfiber Ultra Plush Towels 4 Pack


Fred's Fine Cleaning CenterDon't be fooled by cheap imitations...

These are ultra plush 16" X 16" microfiber towels. Super thick. Lint free, 50 times softer than cotton, and won't leave streaks on glass or paint. Can be used and washed hundreds of times and still maintain their like new condition.

Fred's Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels are the highest quality available and can even clean delicate surfaces without using chemicals.

Fred recommends these towels be used for cleaning furniture, glass, crystal, marble, metal polishing, computer and TV monitors, pianos, and especially on your cars paint (Microfiber is the detailer's dream come true!). Fred has a wide variety of Microfiber products available. This material is the best thing to happen to cleaning in a long time!


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