Fred's Daily Counter Cleaner Gallon


Fred's Fine Cleaning CenterFred's Daily Counter Cleaner is a special formula designed to safely clean your natural stone counters, furniture and as a daily stone shower cleaner. Use this product as often as needed to remove dirt and grime from counter tops made from natural stone such as polished marble, granite, limestone, travertine and it is also great on ceramic tile and other hard washable surfaces.

  • Counter Cleaner for Polished Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine & Ceramic Tile
  • Simple Spray & Wipe Formula. No Scrubing
  • Can be used Daily to Remove Dirt & Grime
  • Neutral PH
  • No Harsh Acids or Abrasives
  • Fresh Neutral Scent
  • Safe for kitchen use, all hard & washable surfaces
  • Can be used as a Daily Stone Shower Cleaner

Perfect for ALL general cleaning tasks! 

Simply spray it onto the surface and wipe away soul using a soft towel, no rinsing, no streaking, no residue. For best results use Fred's Microfiber TowelsFred's Daily Counter Cleaner will not damage polished natural stone or other high or low ph sensitive surfaces. For maxium protection use Fred's Weekly Counter Polish on a regular basis to prevent damage caused by spills and the elements.

Fred's Fine Cleaning Center

DIRECTIONS: Always protect neighboring surfaces that are not compatible with product. Remove all losse dirt and debris from counters. Ready to use. Spray directly onto surface and wipe away dirt and grime with a soft absorbent towel, microfiber is preferred. No rinsing is required. For added shine and protection us "Fred's Weekly Counter Polish" weekly. 

Direcciones: Rocíe directamente sobre la superficie, y limpie los desechos con una toalla absorbente, de microfibra es mas recomendable. No nesecita enjuagar. Para dar brillo y protección use "Fred's Weekly Counter Polish" semanalmente.

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