Fred's Microfiber Mop Kit


Fred's Fine Cleaning CenterFred’s Microfiber Mop Kit includes extendable mop and two reusable microfiber cleaning pads. This Mop is perfect for home and office use. It uses the revolutionary Microfiber material which is 50 times softer than cotton, super absorbent, grabs dirt like a magnet, and is super durable.

Stop using disposable paper mops!!

Use with Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner to clean your wood floors or with Fred’s Daily Counter Cleaner to spot clean stone and tile floors. This versatile tool is made from ultra lightweight aluminum and has a telescopic handle. The Pads simply stick to the bottom of the mop base. It can by used as a dry mop using the optional Fred’s Micro Dustmop Head to easily pick up dust, hair and other dry soil. Size: Extends up to 5 Ft. and the pad size is 15.5" x 5.5


Fred's Fine Cleaning Center Amy Loves Cleaning

If someone were to load all of the disposable wipes purchased by consumers in North America last year onto 18-wheel semis, the caravan would number 9,000 trucks and stretch for 68 miles. And it would be carrying 83,000 tons of these seemingly ephemeral cloths_which are anything but fleeting.
Largely, they're synthetic in nature (non-woven polymers, sometimes mixed with wood pulp). And they're not readily biodegradable.
About 30 percent of those wipes - $800 million worth_would be meant for home cleaning, according to the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry. (The others: baby and personal care wipes.)
WetJ$t liquid refills contain harmful chemicals as well as unnatural antibacterial solutions which promote the growth of more evolved and harder to kill bacteria.

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