Who is Fred?

About Fred's Fine Cleaning Center

Fred and Marla LeeFred's Fine Cleaning Center started life in 2003 as an idea sketched out on a cocktail napkin by brother and sister team, Fred Maunu and Marla Lee. The concept was a  boutique that felt like an upscale home, where only the finest cleaning products would not only be sold but could be sampled on all the surfaces. This store is now called Fred's Home Store and is located in Westlake Village, California.

Fred's Fine Cleaning Center is your complete home care solution!

The focus from the start was safe, friendly products, that actually work and are easy to work with. No Bleach, No Ammonia, No Disposable Wipers. A truly "GREEN" concept before the term was really even being used! Fred's Fine Cleaning Center brand products were the cornerstone of this store and the reason for its success. Fred, with over twenty years in the industry, formulated specialty cleaning products for home and vehicle care.

These products are safe, user friendly, cost effective, and out perform all others available both domestically and commercially! These formulas along with Marla Lee's eye for packaging design helped Fred's Fine Cleaning Center brand products to set its self apart from the crowd.

Fred and Marla's focus on retailing has allowed them to greater understand the need for these products and educating the end user on proper use of the products has always been a priority.

Once you use Fred's Fine Cleaning Center Products you will never go back to grocery store brand products again!

Fred's high performance cleaning solutions are designed to care for modern day delicate finishes found in today's homes. These premium quality, eco-friendly solutions offer unsurpassed performance and efficiently maintain and protect your most prized possessions. These practical solutions will make detailing your stone counters, stone floors, wood floors, stainless steel appliances, delicate fixture finishes, high gloss finished woods, imported furniture, cabinets, upholstery, rugs, and plasma screens, to name a few, enjoyable and satisfying!  Fred's Fine Cleaning Center - You considered every detail - So did Fred!

Fred's Fine Cleaning Center products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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