Going Green with Fred's

Fred's Fine Cleaning Cleaning Center Products are "Green"

Larger sizes and refill sizes

Cleaning with Fred’s requires less product - works on first application.

Fred’s products lean on protection making surfaces stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean thereafter.

Fred’s products are able to be used for multiple surfaces requiring fewer products.

All Fred’s products outperform all others - when you buy a Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center product it’s going to be used- not tossed under the sink with all the products that didn’t live up to false promises.

Other national cleaning brands spend millions on advertising- lowering the quality of the product that they deliver!

Buying a cleaning product that ruins expensive surfaces can result in costly repairs. Some costing thousands of dollars. i.e. Stone resurfacing, high-end fixture replacement, stainless steel resurfacing and the list goes on!

Using Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center products makes surfaces last longer and is safer for the user!

We do not use bleach or ammonia in any of our products.

We do not and have never endorsed disposable wipers.

This list could also be used to describe why Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center products are more economical than grocery store bought products.




does green mean safeBecause most products can be advertised or have an almost political-type of spin put on them to sell them as “Green”. For example many so called “Green” cleaning products use vinegar as a key or main ingredient. Calling it green and or plant derived. Big problem is the result is a highly acidic product. This will damage most high-end delicate surfaces such as marble, limestone, travertine, granite, nickel, antiqued brass, antiqued bronze, antiqued copper counters and fixtures. Sometimes the damage can be immediate, but a lot of time it is slow and by the time you realize there is a problem- it’s too late! Now you are faced with expensive resurfacing or replacement!

This is definitely not a “Green” way of doing things. Then there is the problem of products that just don’t work- the most common problem with cleaning products. Just look under your sink at all the products you bought based on advertising-promises unfulfilled! The grocery store cleaning isle is filled with dangerous and ineffective products! So now what do you do? Who do you trust? What do you use? Hi- my name is Fred. I have 25 years of experience with cleaning products, cleaning equipment, and cleaning procedures! I have developed a proven cleaning line of products called “Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center” rivaling all others. I know that this sounds like a bold statement, but I invite you to put my products to the test. I have made it my goal to create THE BEST cleaning products and a total maintenance system for today’s lifestyle. Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center products focus on high quality safe formulas that not only maintain your most prized possessions but also protect them from damage. No bleach, no ammonia, no butyl cellosolve, no disposable wipers, only safe, effective, proven cleaning maintenance products.

If it says Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center on the label- it’s the best! 100% guaranteed! But you say you have never heard of Fred’s – why is that? Simple, the other companies have spent ALL of their money on advertising and spinning leaving very little to actually deliver a quality product! Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center is a complete system of products all meeting this level of excellence! Each and every Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center product has been tested to outperform all others! We don’t have a huge advertising budget and choose to build our business one happy customer at time. So please try Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center and make sure to tell your friends and family about us after you see for yourself!


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